Non Owners Insurance Explained

Non Owners Insurance Explained

What is Non Owners Insurance?

Non Owners Insurance is basically an auto insurance policy without the car.  It’s written through an auto insurance company very similar to the way a conventional auto insurance policy is written.  It’s designed for those who need or want to have insurance but don’t own a vehicle.


Why would one need an non owners policy?

Typically, a person would need a non owners policy if they have a need or want for an auto insurance policy but don’t own a vehicle.  Say if you occasionally borrowed other peoples cars and wanted to be protected, this type of policy would suite your needs.  The most common reason a person purchases a non-owners policy is because they are in need of an SR22 filing to reinstate their license after receiving a DUI but don’t own a vehicle.  In these situations, one can purchase a non-owner’s policy with an SR22 filing attached; this would accepted by the DMV as a valid policy and driving privileges can be reinstated.  Sometimes an employer may require insurance as part of the hiring process and if one doesn’t own a car then this policy would again suffice.


Is a Non Owners Insurance policy cheaper than a regular policy?

Not by much.  The main difference between a regular car insurance policy and a non owner’s policy is that the annual mileage can be rated at a lower factor since there is no regular use of a vehicle.  Other than that, there really isn’t much of a price difference between the policies.  Some agents will recommend a non owners policy to try to earn your business by offering some savings.  I would strongly recommend that you stay away from this advice as you will not be covered and the savings is not worth it at all.


What cars can I drive with a Non-Owner’s policy?

With a non owners insurance policy, one can drive any personal use vehicle that is not registered to them, an employer, or anyone residing in the same household.  This type of policy is designed for those that want to be covered for occasional use and not for coverage on any cars that are driven regularly or for any vehicles that you have regular access to.


How to get Non Owners Insurance Quotes?

Many companies offer Non Owners Insurance but most only offer Auto Owners Insurance quotes online.  Search the terms “non owners insurance” or “non-owners insurance quotes” and find companies offering this product, most likely you will have to call in for a quote.  Insurance agencies are usually a good way to go since they specialize in these types of polices and can often times find you a great rate.

OnGuard Insurance is a reputable insurance agency offering competitive rates on Non Owners Insurance as well as Auto Owners Insurance.  Get quotes online or by calling (888) 99-QUOTE!

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