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High Risk Auto Insurance

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OnGuard Insurance specializes in high risk auto insurance and we have over a decade of experience. We’re authorized producers of multiple “A” rated companies offering competitive auto insurance rates for drivers with tickets, accidents, suspensions, or even a DUI. The ability to instantly compare rates makes finding cheap high risk auto insurance easy for even those with really bad driving records.

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High Risk Auto Insurance- FAQs

What is High Risk Auto Insurance?

High risk car insurance is auto insurance for those drivers that pose a high risk of loss to an insurance company. If you’re not a preferred risk good driver with 1 or less points on your record, you’re considered to be a high risk driver per the insurance companies. A prop 103 good driver is one that has no more than one minor violation on his/her driving record, no major violations (DUI, reckless driving, speed contest, etc.), no suspensions, no more than one non-injury accident, no injury accidents, and one who has been continuously licensed for the past 3 years. Anyone that does not meet these qualifications is considered by most insurance companies to be a high risk driver. Insurance companies classify this market of people as the non-standard market. High risk insurance is basically any company providing auto insurance in the non-standard market or car insurance for people with tickets or other violations. Drivers can also fall into the non-standard market if they need car insurance without a driver’s┬álicense or currently do not carry valid auto insurance or have no prior auto insurance in the recent past.

How do I get High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes?

You can get high risk auto insurance quotes simply by requesting quotes from any company and inputting all your violations. Once your driving history is entered, the insurance company will either give you a rate or not accept you as a risk. If you get a rate with your violations entered, then that insurance company is willing to accept you even though you’re a high risk. Most insurance company quotes are given based on the information you provide so remember to input your violations. Once you’ve received a quote and you’re ready to purchase, the insurance company will run your driving record to ensure the information you provided is accurate.

Where Can I Find the Lowest Rates for High Risk Car Insurance?

Insurance Agencies are often times the best way to find low rates on high risk car insurance. Insurance agents usually work with multiple non-standard auto insurance companies that specialize in providing auto insurance for high risk drivers. An agent can usually enter your information in a rater and instantly see the rates of all the companies he/she works with. They can offer you the lowest rate between them all.

How Long Will I Need High Risk Insurance for?

In California, you’re considered high risk unless you’re a prop 103 good driver. You’ll need high risk insurance until enough of your tickets drop off your record for you to qualify. Minor traffic violations stay on your record for 3 years, major violations for 5 years, and accidents for 3 years.

Is High Risk Insurance the Same as SR22 Insurance?

A person needing an SR22 is usually considered a high risk driver but not all high risk drivers need an SR22. An SR22 is a filing attached to your auto insurance per the DMV and high risk insurance is insurance for those that the insurance companies consider to have a greater chance of loss. They are similar but yet different, visit SR22 Insurance for more information.

What is Non-Standard Insurance?

High Risk Insurance is referred to as the “Non-Standard Market” in the insurance industry. The public’s term, High Risk Insurance, makes more sense since it’s basically insurance for high risk drivers or insurance for bad drivers. The insurance companies determine an individual’s risk based on his/her driving history. A driver can be considered high risk if they have had 2 or more moving violation tickets in the past 36 months, 1 or more major violations in the past 60 months (DUI, reckless driving, speed contest, etc.), more than one accident with no injuries, 1 accident or more with injuries, a suspension, or someone that has been licensed for less than 3 years can also be considered to be a high risk driver. High risk insurance companies are simply those auto insurance companies that will accept drivers with DUI’s, tickets, and accidents. OnGuard Insurance is an authorized producer for many of these companies in 15 states, with one call to (888) 99-QUOTE or by filling out our simple online quote form, you’ll instantly see the quotes that our companies have to offer you. Compare, Choose, & Save, it’s that simple!