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OnGuard Insurance offers great low rates and immediate coverage for non owners insurance.  Get an Online Non Owners Insurance Quote or call us at (888) 99-QUOTE to speak to one of our licensed agents for your free quote.  We can provide you with your personalized non owner insurance quote in about 3 minutes!

OnGuard Insurance is an authorized producer of multiple top rated auto insurance carriers, many of which offer non owner’s auto insurance at affordable low rates.  When you call us for your non owners insurance quote, we enter your basic information in our rater and immediately get the rates of all the carriers.  We simply sort them by price and offer you the lowest rate on Non Owners Car Insurance!  This ability allows us to always be competitive.  So if you need insurance and have no car, we can quote, write, and service your  non owners policy!  Call us today at (888) 99-QUOTE, that’s (888) 997-8683.

What is Non Owners Insurance?

Non Owners policies are for those that need or want to have insurance but don’t own a vehicle or have a vehicle that they drive regularly.  In these situations, there are non owners policies to accommodate those drivers that want to be covered for a vehicle they may occasionally drive.  It’s basically car insurance with no car listed on the policy.

How much does non owner Insurance cost?

A non owners policy is usually cheaper than a conventional liability auto insurance policy but not by much.  The main difference is that on a non owners insurance policy, you’re typically rated with lower annual miles driven which decreases your rates.  Since you’re getting insurance without a vehicle, it’s likely that you don’t drive much and therefor present a lower risk for the insurance companies.

What cars are covered under a Non Owners Insurance Policy?

A Non Owner’s Insurance policy is designed for those that do not own a car and do not have a car that they drive on a regular basis and will provide coverage for vehicles driven occasionally.  Non Owners insurance will not cover vehicles available to you for regular use, vehicles registered in your name, vehicles registered to any other house hold member, or vehicles that you drive regularly.  If there is a vehicle that you drive regularly, then a non-owners policy is not the way you want to go because, contrary to popular belief, it’s not much of a cost difference to insure a vehicle for liability than it is to get a non owners insurance policy.  If you would like to see how much an owner’s insurance policy with a vehicle will cost you, please request your quote online or call (888) 99-QUOTE, for non owners Insurance, please call us as our online rater doesn’t yet support Non Owners insurance quotes.

What’s the price difference between a Non-Owners Insurance policy and a conventional auto insurance policy?

A Non-Owners Insurance policy cost is usually not much different than a regular insurance policy with a vehicle on it.  The main difference with a non-owner Insurance policy in price is that we’re able to rate you with a lower annual mileage factor since there is not a regular vehicle that you’re driving, other than that, the cost of a non-owner Insurance policy and an owners insurance policy are the same.  OnGuard Insurance offers great low rates on both Non-Owners Insurance and regular auto insurance.  For your free quote on a non-owners Insurance policy, please call us toll free at (888) 997-8683.  For a regular Insurance quote with a vehicle, get your free quote instantly online in minutes or call (888) 99-QUOTE!