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SR22 Insurance

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Here’s some helpful Information on SR22 Insurance

Motorists require an SR22 filing in the event of being booked for DUI, being involved in an accident while uninsured, or if the DMV requires an SR22 filing for any other reason.  An SR-22 Form is mandatory to reinstate your license.  The SR22 form is issued by your insurance company and the SR22 Filing is usually filed with the DMV in 48 hours after the purchase of your insurance policy with an SR-22 Filing.  SR22 auto insurance filing form is the only form that the DMV will accept in DUI cases. SR22 filing is mandatory for those arrested or convicted for a DUI are currently enrolled in a program and want to get a restricted license.  Get OnGuard Insurance’s low rates on SR-22 insurance displayed right online by clicking here!

To reinstate your license, you can wait for your insurance company to first file your SR22 with the DMV or you can request a copy of your SR22 filing form from your insurance carrier and take it to the DMV.  The DMV will require you to pay a reinstatement fee along with proof of your SR22 Filing.  If you need an SR22 filing because of a DUI, you may also be required to be enrolled in a DUI course as well as obtaining your SR22 insurance prior to having your driving privileges reinstated.  OnGuard Insurance can issue SR22 filings the same day for a very low price, get your free SR22 insurance quote displayed right online in only about 3 minutes!  Get your SR22 quote online now!

A SR22 auto insurance policy is required for a minimum of three years after a DUI conviction. It serves as an agreement between the DMV and the SR22 provider who must inform the DMV immediately of any lapse, termination of the policy, or switching of SR22 insurance providers. A missed payment or late payment can result in a lapse of coverage which could result in the suspension of your driving privileges again; in this case the DMV may require another $55 reinstatement fee so it’s important to make your payments on time to avoid further fees.   It is possible to switch SR22 insurance companies if the provider files an SR26, Notice of Cancellation of Insurance Proof Certificate with the DMV to establish that the relationship between the previous SR22 provider and the offender has ended.  The new company will file your SR22 with the DMV and if this is all done with no lapse of coverage, then your license will maintain active status through the process.

Motorists can apply for a SR22 insurance quote online which is a good way to save both time and money. Alternatively, they can work with an insurance broker or independent agent who is in a better position to provide options and reduce the premiums considerably. Motorists may consider a non-owners sr22 insurance policy if they do not own a car but need an SR22 filing to reinstate their license.  A non owners SR22 filing is enough to satisfy the DMV.  However, this policy does not cover a motorist if they drive a car registered to them or a car belonging to anyone living within the same household.  These policies are available through OnGuard Insurance at low affordable rates.  Get our rates on non-owners SR22 insurance by calling one of our licensed agents at (888) 99-QUOTE!  For more information on Non Owner’s SR22 Insurance, please visit our Non Owner SR22 Insurance page.

There are providers that are licensed to issue SR 22. The DMV determines the start and stop date for the duration of the SR 22 insurance and are in constant touch with the provider during the period. At the end of the 3-year term the SR 22 insurance provider is required to file form SR26 with the DMV to end the insurance coverage. Only after this, a motorist will be able to discontinue the SR22 filing on their auto insurance policy.

Several online comparison sites offer multiple SR22 insurance quotes from various insurance providers licensed to issue SR22 insurance at affordable costs. These websites help motorists shop smartly for the best possible rates.  OnGuard Insurance is a licensed, insured and bonded insurance agency authorized to produce policies for multiple top rated car insurance companies, many of which offer SR22 filings.  We started offering SR22 insurance in Los Angeles in 2004 and have since expanded across the nation.  We currently offer SR22 Insurance in 12 states including California SR22 Insurance, Arizona SR22 InsuranceIllinois SR22 Insurance, Nevada SR22 Insurance, North Carolina SR22 Insurance, Ohio SR22 Insurance, Oregon SR22 Insurance, Texas SR22 Insurance, Oklahoma SR22 Insurance, Pennsylvania SR22 Insurance, Washington SR22 insurance, Florida SR22 Insurance as well as Florida FR44 Insurance.  We have the ability to instantly display rates of all the companies we work with right online, easily allowing us to significantly keep your SR22 insurance cost down.  Take about 3 minutes of your time to see how much we can save you on SR22 insurance, Click Here to complete our simple form and get all your rates displayed right online!

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