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TheDancingChef  C Says….

I’ve been going to OnGuard for about 7 years now and Nancy Mendez has always treated me with the most professional service and character.  She is truly a top rate person when it comes to getting you decent insurance and her personable manner makes her very easy to talk to and understand the insurance that you’re getting.  Recently she even took her time to call DMV and make sure my SR22 was still valid for me to get my license back needless to say I would’nt have never called DMV because it’s absolutely impossible to get through. but Nancy did and got them on the line expeditiously.  She is a class act and if you go to ONGuard I urge you to ask for Nancy, I’m sure the other agents are suitable as well but trust me you can’t go wrong with Nancy Mendez….she’s money!!!

Denise A Says….

Nancy is the best! I had been with 21st “Yuk” Century insurance for over 15 years and was so sick of them over charging me and screwing up my billing! Then my friend told me to give OnGuard a try and I was pleasantly surprised! Nancy was very professional and straight forward. I saved $20 a month and she had done all over the phone, while I was in traffic within 30minutes. Seriously, why can’t everything else be so simple.

Cindy A Says….

I’ll keep it simple i received great service, received help right away, all my questions were answered and everyone there was nice. Of course the gentleman that helped me whom offered me all these great services was surprisingly professional and friendly, i believe his name was ART, he didn’t push any services on me which was great he offered me the services that were right for me and that were affordable to me. I was satisfied with the coverage i had when i left the place. THANK YOU ONGUARD for having employees like ART.

Edna J. Says….

I’ve been going to OnGuard Insurance for a couple of years now and I am still satisfied with their devoted service they have provided me with esp. with the savings!! Yelina Covarrubias is very efficient with her work in providing me with the most economical auto insurance.  I highly recommend  anyone who is looking for the right auto insurance to visit the OnGuard Insurance office in Downey and ask for Yelina Covarrubias. She is awesome!!

Kate G. says….

Norma helped me with getting my auto insurance within an hour at the lowest rate i had ever been quoted. Office is clean and welcoming and everyone is friendly. If you need a fast affordable quote i highly reccomend this place.

John A Says….

I have been doing business with OnGuard now going on 3 years with Norma Guillen and it’s been the easiest most convenient insurance company I’ve ever dealt with.  Not only does she explain everything about what is going on with my policies, but she finds me the best deals.  I wold recommend to everyone to OnGuard because personally I wouldn’t go any where else for my insurance needs.

Someone S Says….

I just want to give a shot out to Laura aka (my insurance girl), she is the person to go 2, i was looking for insurance quote online and then out of no where she called me, and she was very easy to speak to on the phone, she gave me a lot options when it comes to insurance and best rates ever.

I highly recommend her when it comes to car insurance, thanks Laura, you’re simply the best

Alen W says….

I was paying $218/mo for my car insurance so upon my renewal I started shopping around to see if I could find a lower rate to save some money during these tough times. I called about 6 or 7 different auto insurance companies and was getting rates ranging from $195 to $350 per month for my car insurance. The last place I called was OnGuard Insurance and I was so happy I stumbled on them online. They gave me a quote of $160/mo. When I went into their Studio City office Nancy helped me and she was extremely knowledgeable friendly and professional. I left there feeling that I got lucky to find such a great place with low rates on car insurance and great great service. I reccomend them to everyone. Ive since had to make a change on my policy and the excellent service continues. I love these guys!!!

Ramiro B says….

This insurance co took good care of me. I spoke to Rahman Pinckney and he really hooked me up. This was the best ins experience i have ever had! did what they said they could and gave me a good rate. I will definetly recommend them to my friends and family.

Rick says….

I came to onguard insurance like weeks ago, and they saved me about $290 every six months!!!!

and…the agents are very helpful.

I highly recomend you call them.

Rochelle R says….

I’ve been going here for about two years. I’ve been happy with everything  Nancy does for me. She’s great. If your due for renewal I’d check them out!

Rene A says….

I’ve been going to OnGuard insurance for my car insurance for about 5 years now. I originally had my sr-22 with mercury and i kept having problems with my license. I switched my sr 22 car insurance through OnGuard about 5 years ago and i haven’t had any issues and on top of that I’m saving a decent amount of money with them. I highly recommend these guys for your car insurance especially if you need an sr22. My agent is Mary but I’ve dealt with almost everyone there and they’re all very friendly and helpful.

Tracee W says….

I recently contacted OnGuard Insurance with questions and quotes.  The person I spoke to was Mohamed and he was very patient, kind and helpful.  He was able to get me some great rates and answered all of my millions of questions and returned my calls in an extremly timely fashion.  I ended up changing my insurance over to them the same day.  He was able to get me paperwork and everything was done quickly and efficiently.  Although I dont forsee anything changing and I feel that I wll be happy OnGuard, I am comfortable with asking quesitons.  
Thank you OnGuard Insurance for a great experience.

John B says….

Signed up at ongaurd great info and a steal of a deal. Thanks Mohamed

Juan N says….

Me ayudaron con todas mis preguntas y me ahorraron dinero!!!
Joanna me ayudo con todas mis dudas . Gracias joanna.

Ralph A says….

THESE GUYS HAVE GREAT RATES ON CAR INSURANCE!!!  They saved me $600 a year and the friendly service they provided me was amazingly pleasent.  If you’re looking for car insurance I highly reccomend onguard insurance.

AS says….

After shopping around at the usual insurance companies, I decided to give Onguard a call and see how they compared in pricing and service. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they could get me the absolute lowest rate and best coverage for my money. I was treated with respect and was fully informed of all the details of my policy. I highly recommend Onguard insurance to anybody who is looking to find the best coverage, with the lowest rate, and friendly service.

Joanna H says….

I just want to start of by saying THANKS to Ramon Mendez. He was very helpful and patient with all my phone calls and questions. I used to have Infinity and i was paying about $160 monthly. And with OnGuard I’m paying only $96. I’m so glad to have found OnGuard. Now they will be getting alot of my referrals. Again thx a million 🙂

Bizuwork H says….

Mr,Grant,Pinto at Onguard Insurance has alway provided me with exellent service. I certainly would recommend to any any one  for their insurance needs.

Brenda R says….

If You want a great service  and the Best Cout for Car Insurance, you must see Mr Grant Pinto he will give you the best service ever, i have been with them since 2005 and I’m happy to have hes Service.

Carnell C says….

I just want to start of by saying THANKS to Grant Pinto. He was very helpful and patient with all my phone calls and questions.If You want a great service  and the Best Cout for Car Insurance, you must see Mr Grant Pinto

Dianna R says….

Highly recommend if anyone needs insurance to call Chris at OnGuard insurance, he was extremely nice and very efficient when helping me make a very important decision of choosing Auto Insurance.  
Thank you Chris,
I hope you get a bonus soon!
Thank you for all your help and continue to be nice and courteous, that is why I came back to OnGuard Insurance after searching for about a month

Olga C says….

This is not my first time getting auto insurance through OnGuard Insurance or speaking with Yelina Covarrubias. Yelina is always quick and polite. She answered all my questions and offered me more than one plan and found the one best for me. Wonderful service. Thank you Yelina.

Veronica R says….

Onguard insurance really helped me to get the best deal in town. My broker Yelina was very helpful and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend you give them a call and ask for Yelina.

Jeffrey G says….

I have been going to OnGuard for a few years, and I even referred my parent’s and aunt to them. They know their stuff, and work really super hard to get you a great deal. My broker was Yelina, and she did an amazing job.  In all honesty, I’m glad I do business with them, and I don’t see myself going anywhere else. =)

Neil S says….

This place is a life-saver! Got in touch with me right away and had the best price out of dozens of quotes; signed me up right there on the spot and a couple hours later had a proof of insurance sitting right in my car!  

Definitely the best place in my opinion to go for insurance, quick and easy and VERY HELPFUL!

Call them up and ask for Laura, she’s a godsend when it comes to helping you out and taking the time to make sure you have everything you need right when you need it!

A+++ in my book, would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Thanks for making it painless!