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SR22 Cost

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How Much Does an SR22 Cost?

The SR22 cost varies from person to person.  Since SR22 insurance is just a regular auto insurance policy with an SR-22 filing endorsement attached, the main cost of an SR22 policy is the amount to insure the vehicle for that person.  The actual cost of just the SR22 is a one-time filing fee of about $15 to $25; the auto insurance policy is the main cost.  Many insurance companies do not offer SR22 insurance because of the violations in which the filing is needed for, such as a DUI.  The violations are what end up costing you the most since your driving record is one of the biggest auto insurance rating factors.

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How much will an SR22 cost me?

The cost of SR22 insurance for you will be based on all of your auto insurance rating factors plus the filing fee of about $15 to $25.   Your rates will be dependent on your age, driving experience, driving history, where you live, type of vehicle, type of coverage and other cost determining factors.  Most reputable insurance companies and agencies offer instant SR22 insurance quotes online, simply indicate the need for an SR22 during the quote process.  Remember to enter in the violation that caused you to need an SR22.

For your personalized SR22 insurance cost through OnGuard, simply complete our 3 minute SR22 insurance quote form online or call us at (888) 99-QUOTE.

How can I lower my SR22 costs?

Shopping around for the cheapest rate is usually going to be your best bet in keeping your SR22 costs down.  Shop about 3 to 5 companies and shop often.  Every company has its own full time actuaries that are constantly determining and adjusting their rates so a company that you got a quote from 6 months ago, may have an entirely different rate for you now.  Also, different companies have different periods of time that they will rate for certain violations, for example, some companies will count a DUI against you for 5 years while others will only go as far back as 3 years.  If you happen to be in your 4th year since receiving a DUI, your violation may be costing you more than it has to.

It is recommended to shop around every time your policy is up for renewal.  It’s also recommended to get quotes from insurance agencies when it comes to high risk insurance, as agencies often specialize in these types of risks and have multiple companies to choose from.  An agency is usually the best way to go to keep your SR22 insurance cost down.

How long will SR22 cost me money?

The DMV usually requires an SR22 filing for a period of 3 years.  This amount of time can vary depending on the DMV and/or the judge handling the case but it’s usually a period of 3 years.  Most insurance companies will also drop the violation and stop charging you extra premiums for it after 3 years.  Some will however charge for 5 to 7 years so be sure to check with your company after 3 years to see if they are still charging you.  If so, it’s recommended to shop around and find a company that will only go back 3 years, after all, the SR22 insurance has already cost you enough.

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