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    Looking to save time and money on car insurance?  You’ve come to the right place!  OnGuard Insurance offers great low cost car insurance for all drivers & all cars.  As authorized producers of multiple top rated car insurance companies, we’ve got the ability to place your car insurance with the right insurance company, at the right price, regardless of your situation!  Best of all, once you’ve submitted some basic information on our online auto insurance rater, you’ll actually get to see your car insurance quotes instantly!  Your car insurance quotes will be displayed along with the insurance company names right online  for you to compare.  That’s right, when you request your free car insurance quote from OnGuard, our Low Cost Car Insurance Rater will display your car insurance rates for all the CA auto insurance companies that we work with right online.  Once you’ve seen our rates and decided to go with us, we can get you insured today!  About 3 minutes is all it takes to see how much OnGuard can save you on your car insurance, get your free quote online or call (888) 99-QUOTE!

    Great Low Cost Car Insurance Rates

    OnGuard Insurance knows the #1 thing you’re looking for these days, saving money with low cost car insurance!  We’re committed to saving drivers as much money as possible on their car insurance and getting you the cheapest car insurance quotes available.  Our ability to quote, write, and service policies for many of today’s top rated car insurance companies gives us the power to save you money on your car insurance and keep those savings coming.  Every car insurance company has its own insurance rates and rating factors and every car insurance carrier is different in the way they rate.  What does this mean to you?  It means that even if a company offers you a low rate now, your situation or their situation may change in the future resulting in not so low car insurance rates for you.  When you’re with OnGuard, you can rest assured that you’ve always got the lowest price car insurance available between all of our carriers.  When you first get your car insurance quotes from us, 1 company will have the lowest rate so that’s the car insurance company we’ll offer you but if things change in the future, such as driving record changes, additional cars/vehicles, we’ll take a look at the other car insurance quotes again with your current situation and make sure that you’re still paying the lowest price on your car insurance.  So basically, we’ll always check to see if your car insurance is still competitive any time you make a change, upon renewal of your car insurance, and anytime you just want us to check current car insurance quotes for you.  We’ll help you save time & money from the day you call us for your car insurance quote, to the day you add your Porsche!

    California Low Cost Car Insurance Quotes

    If you’re in California & looking for Car Insurance Quotes, you’ve definitely got options.  Car Insurance in California is a $20 Billion plus market so you know we’re competing for your car insurance business.  Competition benefits you, the consumer, as it drives down car insurance prices as companies compete to earn your business.  OnGuard Insurance works with many of these CA car insurance carriers, driving your California Car Insurance costs even lower.  What’s more is that when you request your Car Insurance Quotes from us, we get the rates listed in order of price and offer you the lowest available car insurance rate, & now, you can see what we see right online.  Request your California car insurance quote online now in about 3 minutes & see your car insurance rates online instantly, and if you like what you see, we can have you insured in about 30 minutes!  You can also call us toll free at (888) 99-QUOTE if you prefer to speak to a licensed agent for a California car insurance quote.

    Although there is competition for Car Insurance in California that drives rates down, there are some things you should know about getting online car insurance quotes in CA to ensure you’re getting the best and most accurate quotes on your California car insurance.  In California, you should know what main factors determine your car insurance prices.  This is important so that when you are shopping quotes on CA Car Insurance, you enter the correct information to get accurate prices and know what matters can help.  For a list of the main rating factors for CA car insurance, please visit our California Car Insurance Rating Factors page for a detailed list.  Another important factor is the car insurance coverage you’re getting quotes on.  It’s important to have a basic understanding of the coverages available in California on Car Insurance, especially when shopping online car insurance quotes.  Knowing what’s available will allow you to get comparable car insurance quotes from company to company.  Many consumers will use the defaults set by the company when shopping online car insurance quotes and will compare car insurance quotes based on different coverage from one company to the next and may ending not getting the lowest one.  If you’re unfamiliar with coverage options, please visit our Main Coverage Options and Explanation of Coverages page for more detailed information or call one of our licensed agents toll free at (888) 99-QUOTE.  We’ll answer any questions you may have whether you’re a client of ours or not.

    For more benefits of using OnGuard Insurance, please visit our California Car Insurance Agency page.  Get your Free Instant Car Insurance Quote online now or call one of our licensed agents toll free at (888) 99-QUOTE!

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