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Car Insurance After a DUI

Looking for Car Insurance After a DUI could be a bit scary but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you might think.  There are many carriers that work exclusively in the non-standard market for exactly these types of situations.  These carriers specialize in making car insurance after a dui as affordable as possible & there are many of these carriers competing for your business which is always a great way to reduce rates.  As authorized agents for many of these carriers, we can find you the lowest rate in just minutes online.  With just some basic info & in only about 3 minutes, we’ll display the rates of all the carriers we work with.  Finding affordable Auto Insurance after a DUI has never been easier; get your quick dui insurance quote online now!

Insurance Rates After a DUI

Your Insurance Rates After a DUI will go up but not as much as you think, especially if it’s your first DUI.  Actuarial research has shown that drivers with one dui don’t pose much of an increased risk to insurance carriers.  It seems that drivers with a dui learn their lesson and tend to stop taking those types of risks, so insurance companies don’t have to surcharge much for a DUI.  We actually work with carriers that will apply a discount for the DUI to earn your business.  Drivers with 2 or more dui’s are different though, obviously they didn’t learn their lesson so there is much more of a surcharge but still insurable at affordable rates.  See how much your insurance rates will be after a dui, get your quote in just minutes online or call (888) 997-8683 now!

Best Auto Insurance After a DUI

The best auto insurance after a dui would be offered by a non standard carrier.  In the insurance world, there are non standard, standard, & preferred carriers.  Your preferred carriers are for drivers with prior insurance coverage & a clean history.  Non standard carriers cover drivers without prior insurance & those with multiple or major violations such as a dui.  The standard carriers fall somewhere in the middle.  Some of the non standard carriers we work with that offer the best car insurance rates after a dui are National General, Kemper Specialty, Infinity, Dairyland, Progressive, Cal Auto & a few more.  Every carrier rates risks based on their loss history & it varies from company to company so to say who has the cheapest insurance rates after a dui is impossible.  We work with most of the carriers that are competitive in this space so finding the best insurance after a dui has never been easier; get your instant quote online and see what your rates are with each company in just minutes online today!