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As a car insurance broker, OnGuard Insurance works with multiple top rated insurance carriers to bring you low rates, excellent protection, top notch service and instant online quotes.  When it comes to choosing a broker for your car insurance, there are many choices so here’s what sets us apart from other brokers.  First and foremost it’s the savings we’re able to provide.  Through the years, we have worked with dozens of insurance companies that promise to provide cheap car insurance rates.  Over time, we have narrowed those companies down to about a dozen that truly do offer cost savings without compromising protection or service.  Our years of experience ensure that you’re getting the right price from the right company.  Secondly, we provide instant online quotes in just minutes to help save you time as well as money.  Our online rater will instantly provide personalized car insurance quotes from all the companies we work with allowing you to save both time & money.  Finally, as a car insurance broker we understand that we provide a service and our business strives on that service being nothing short of excellent.  Our rates and ease of quoting is there to earn your business but it’s our level of service that will help us keep you as a client for years to come.  So when it comes to choosing the right Auto insurance broker to work with, OnGuard Insurance is a clear winner!

Benefits of Using a Car Insurance Brokerage

There are many benefits of using a car insurance brokerage such as saving money.  Car insurance brokers are not selling you their own product and don’t only have one product that they sell.  A brokerage usually works with many companies that are competing for your business and we all know that when businesses compete, consumers win.  Since car insurance brokers don’t sell just one company, finding affordable rates is easy and since they’re not the insurance company you can rest assured that their opinion is unbiased.  Every company rates risks as they see fit and one company can choose to not give you such a great rate but when you use a broker we can just go on to the next company that is offering you cheap rates.  You also get someone there to assist you should you ever need anything such as changes to your policy or help with a claim.  You always have the option of contacting the carrier directly but you also have a broker on your side to help whenever you need it.

Definition of a Car Insurance Broker

By definition, a broker is someone that represents the client and not the company.  A car insurance broker’s job is to represent their client and not to represent the company.