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BMW Insurance

OnGuard Insurance offers great low rates for all BMW models.  As authorized agents for multiple top-rated insurance carriers, we’ll find you the right policy at a great low rate!  Being a reasonably priced car brand with great safety features, we’re able to offer affordable BMW Insurance rates.  The BMW company has done a great job in manufacturing safe vehicles at an affordable price that are cost effective to repair.  In the super competitive auto insurance market, insurers are always looking for ways to lower rates so we have what are called actuaries.  Actuaries are math wizards that crunch numbers and determine the rate a person should pay for a particular risk.  The type of vehicle is always a big rating factor and vehicles are given a symbol to determine the risk they pose to an insurance company and BMW makes vehicles that usually have very low symbols resulting in low insurance rates.  As authorized agents of multiple insurance companies, we can find the right company to give you a great low rate on your BMW Car Insurance!  See how much OnGuard can save you; get your BMW Car Insurance Quote online Now or Call (888) 997-8683 to speak with an agent today!

Save Time & Money Insuring Your BMW

As authorized agents for multiple top rated auto insurance companies, OnGuard Insurance has the ability to find you a great deal on auto insurance for your BMW regardless of the model you drive.  Through the years, we’ve narrowed down the companies we work with to only those that offer our clients great rates without compromising anything when it comes to service or claims.  Weather you drive a Focus or a Mustang, we have the right company at the right price for you.  See how much we can save you on insuring your BMW; Get your quick BMW Insurance Quote online or call us to speak with a licensed agent!

Affordable BMW 3 Series Insurance

320i Sedan

320i xDrive Sedan

330i Sedan

330i xDrive Sedan

328d Sedan

328d xDrive Sedan

330e iPerformance

340i Sedan

340i xDrive Sedan

330i xDrive Sports Wagon

328d xDrive Sports Wagon

330i xDrive Gran Turismo

340i xDrive Gran Turismo

Affordable BMW 4 Series Insurance

430i Gran Coupe

430i Coupe

430i xDrive Coupe

440i Coupe

440i xDrive Coupe

430i xDrive Gran Coupe

440i Gran Coupe

440i xDrive Gran Coupe

430i Convertible

430i xDrive Convertible

440i Convertible

440i xDrive Convertible

Affordable BMW 5 Series Insurance

528i Sedan

528i xDrive Sedan

535d Sedan

535d xDrive Sedan

535i Sedan

535i xDrive Sedan

550i Sedan

550i xDrive Sedan

535i Gran Turismo

535i xDrive Gran Turismo

550i xDrive Gran Turismo

Affordable BMW 6 Series Insurance

640i Coupe

640i xDrive Coupe

650i Coupe

650i xDrive Coupe

640i Gran Coupe

640i xDrive Gran Coupe

650i Gran Coupe

650i xDrive Gran Coupe

640i Convertible

640i xDrive Convertible

650i Convertible

650i xDrive Convertible

ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe

Affordable BMW 7 Series Insurance

740i Sedan

740i xDrive Sedan

740e xDrive iPerformance

M760i xDrive Sedan

750i Sedan

750i xDrive Sedan

ALPINA B7 xDrive

Affordable BMW X1 Insurance

X1 sDrive28i

X1 xDrive28i

Affordable BMW X3 Insurance

X3 sDrive28i

X3 xDrive28i

X3 xDrive35i

Affordable BMW X4 Insurance

X4 xDrive28i

X4 M40i

Affordable BMW X5 Insurance

X5 sDrive35i

X5 xDrive35i

X5 xDrive40e iPerformance

X5 xDrive50i

Affordable BMW X6 Insurance

X6 sDrive35i

X6 xDrive35i

X6 xDrive50i

Affordable BMW M Insurance

M2 Coupe

M3 Sedan

M4 Coupe

M4 Convertible

M5 Sedan

M6 Coupe

M6 Gran Coupe

M6 Convertible

X5 M

X6 M

Affordable BMW i3 Insurance

BMW i3

BMW i3 (60 ah)

BMW i3 with Range Extender

Affordable BMW i8 Insurance

BMW i8 Insurance