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SR22 Form

An SR22 form is a form that is filed with the DMV to ensure a person carries an active auto insurance policy.  It’s an endorsement on your auto insurance that is required for the DMV to reinstate ones license.  An SR-22 is usually required after a person’s license is suspended that can be due to many things such as a DUI or being involved in an accident without insurance.  When this type of policy is needed, an insurance company is required to file the SR22 form with the state’s department of motor vehicles and is also required to inform the DMV with an SR26 form anytime that policy is cancelled.  Once the DMV is notified that the policy is cancelled they will again suspend the person’s license until SR-22 insurance is once again active.  An SR22 form can either be electronically filed by the insurance company or a manual SR22 filing form can be taken in to the DMV.

SR22 Insurance Form

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SR22 Form Cost

The cost of SR22 forms are usually a one-time filing fee of about $20.  The main cost associated with an SR22 policy is the actual cost of the auto insurance.  The reasons an SR22 filing is required such as a DUI or suspended license is what effects the cost of your auto insurance the most, not the actual form itself.  Since SR22 insurance rates vary from person to person, the true cost of an SR22 policy can only be determined by getting a quote.  To get a personalized SR22 form cost, get a free quote in just minutes today!