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Things to know before shopping online for auto insurance

It’s great that you’re utilizing the internet to get online insurance quotes on your auto insurance.  Most companies these days will display their rates right online for you making it quick and easy to find the best fit for you.  There are some things that you should know before you start shopping online for your car insurance quotes.

  1. Know your coverage option and what coverages you need.  When you’re shopping online there is no one to advise you on what coverage are or what is probably best for you.  You get what you click on and you could end up under or over insuring yourself.  If you’re unsure about the coverages and need advise, you can always call us whether you’re insured with us or not and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can also read our main coverage options and explanation of coverages article.
  2. Do your best to enter correct information to get accurate rates.  Companies will quote your auto insurance based on the information you provide but when issueing a policy they will then underwrite the policy and make necessary adjustments.  The reason you want to be as accurate as possible is because insurance company “A” could have given you the best car insurance quote from the 3 companies you called but you forgot about a ticket you had last year.  Now, with the ticket rated with all 3 companies, insurance company “A” could be the most expensive of the 3.  Another reason is that some insurance companies will actually sell you a policy based on what you’ve stated and then pop you with a bill and additional premium once they have underwritten the policy.
  3. Understand where you’re putting your information.  Some online companies offering insurance quotes are only a lead generation service.   They do not sell insurance; they collect your information and sell it to companies who can sell you insurance.  On average, they will sell your information to about 5 companies who will contact you to offer their rates.  Your rates will not be displayed online but having multiple companies quoting you does have its benefits.