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Second Home Insurance

OnGuard Insurance offers Great Coverage and Low Rates on your Second Home Insurance whether or not we insure your primary house!  We offer a variety of packages designed to insure your second home regardless of how you use it.  If you’re a homeowner and utilize your property for vacation or short term rentals such as Airbnb, OnGuard Insurance offers plans to have your house properly covered for that for only about $50 additional per year.  Most insurance companies will not cover your second house if it is used for any type of short term rentals including Airbnb, Homeaway, & all other similar platforms.  As an agency, we work with multiple carriers that offer homeowners insurance and there are only a couple that will accept this type of risk at all, most carriers want to stay away from these policies as it poses a greater risk of loss.  Let us get you the right coverage at a great affordable price so you can rest assured that your 2nd home is protected.  Get a quick quote online now or call (888) 997-8683 today to speak with a licensed Agent!

Second Home Insurance Quotes

OnGuard Insurance makes it simple for you to get a quote as well as to buy insurance on your Second Home.  We offer online as well as phone quotes on homeowners insurance for property owners.  Quotes are always quick & free and if you decide to purchase the policy, we can have you insured in just about half an hour.  Let us protect your asset properly, get your Second Home Insurance Quote online now or call (888) 99-QUOTE to speak with an Agent Today!

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