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Uber Driver Insurance

Uber Driver Insurance

If you’ve recently been made aware that there is a gap in your ridesharing insurance coverage, you’ve most likely been calling around or looking online to try and fill that gap. You’ve probably noticed the high cost of Uber Driver Insurance as well. If you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to afford this extension on your auto insurance policy, take heart; OnGuard Insurance has you covered.


What if you could purchase Uber Driver Insurance for only about $10 per month? That’s right, you can get the coverage you need for what insurance companies call Period 1, so that your insurance will seamlessly cover you at all times when you’re driving, including the time when you’re logged into your company’s app, but haven’t yet picked up your fare.


How is the possible? Let’s take a look at the problem at hand. Your current personal auto policy will not cover you while you’re roaming, waiting to pick up your next fare. If you’ve talked with your Transportation Network, you’ve already discovered that their policy doesn’t kick in until you actually pick up your passenger. What you need is a policy that offers a specific endorsement, providing coverage for you during that gap.


Wait! Don’t ride-haling companies already cover you? In almost no cases will your Transportation Network company’s insurance cover you during the gap, or during Period 1.


OnGuard Insurance is an authorized provider of Mercury Insurance, a company that offers this ‘transportation endorsement’, providing quality Uber Driver Insurance for an average of $10 per month. It’s likely that since OnGuard is already one of the most affordable insurance companies to deal with, even after you add the rideshare endorsement, you’ll end up paying less than you were paying before you needed Uber Driver Insurance.


You can get a free rideshare endorsement quote from OnGuard Insurance when you visit their website at, or when you call their office at 888-997-8683. It takes just a couple of minutes to get your quote and you can be covered in another few minutes. You’ll probably feel a whole lot better the next time you’re out driving, waiting to pick up your fare. Having proper coverage tends to do that for you!


With the explosion of customers embracing the convenient transportation that comes from ridesharing, an estimated half a million drivers are left in the same situation that you find yourself in, with a gap in their insurance coverage. Many drivers are unknowingly driving around with limited coverage, leaving themselves exposed to the risk of having an accident, and finding out that their insurance company will deny their claim if the accident occurred during Period 1. 


Don’t take unnecessary chances when it comes to protecting yourself. OnGuard Insurance can provide Uber Driver Insurance at the affordable rate of about $10 per month, and give you peace of mind every moment you’re on the road. Call a knowledgeable agent from OnGuard Insurance now at 888-997-8683 and get the protection you need for ridesharing.





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Uber Driver Insurance Uber Driver Insurance Uber Driver Insurance