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Uber Car Insurance

Uber Car Insurance

If you’re searching for Uber car insurance, you know it’s not easy to find, and when you do, it’s usually so expensive you can’t afford it. Now OnGuard Insurance offers Uber car insurance that not only provides the coverage you need while roaming, but offers it at a great price.


You’ve probably been recently and painfully made aware that your Transportation Network company will not cover you while you’re roaming, or before you pick up your fare, sometimes called Period 1. The frustrating part os that your personal auto insurance will not cover this time either, since you are working. From the time that you log into your company’s app to the time that you pick up your passenger (Period 1), there is a serious gap in your insurance that must be dealt with in some way.


If you’re left exposed to a gap in your coverage, you may be leaving yourself open and at risk if you were to get in an accident during Period 1. You’re not alone! An estimated 500,000 drivers are in the same situation that you’re in. Your personal insurance company will most likely deny any claim from an accident that occurs during Period 1. The good news is that OnGuard’s Mercury’s Uber car insurance will close the gap and provide a solution, by extending coverage during Period 1 of the driving cycle.


Your personal auto policy is not designed to extend coverage when transporting passengers for hire. The fact is that almost almost all personal insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for this type of exposure, with a particular exclusion to mention the time when your Uber app is on, but no passenger is in your vehicle. Insurance companies are making specific mention of Period 1, to note exclusions in their policy.


On average, Mercury’s Uber car insurance’s rideshare endorsement is only about $10 per month to add on to a personal auto policy. In addition, an extra 8,000 miles will be added to the current mileage estimation calculation. A surcharge of approximately 10% will be applied. Once you have requested a quote for Uber car insurance, an agent from OnGuard Insurance will contact you to go over your quote and underwrite the policy At this time, let them know that you drive for a rideshare company, and they will add Uber car insurance coverage on for you.


OnGuard can have you covered to drive for any or all of the ride-hauling companies in a matter of minutes! You’ll feel a great sense of relief when you get back out on the road and are ready to pick up that next passenger. 


Get your free Uber car insurance quote by going online to, or call an agent at 888-997-8683 to speak with a licensed agent who can help you get the right coverage for your needs. 


With OnGuard Insurance, their coverage is already priced low, so with your Uber car insurance extension, you’ll probably be paying the same that you are now, or perhaps even less. Get the coverage you need to protect yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

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