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Ridesharing Insurance

Ridesharing Insurance

Are you looking at ridesharing insurance coverage? If you’re like a half million other rideshare drivers out there, you’ve most likely just learned that your Transportation Network’s insurance does not cover you while you’re out roaming and waiting to pick up your next ride. What then? 


It can be difficult to understand the time-frame that you’re not covered in. Many insurance companies call this the Period 1 time-frame. It’s the gap that exists between the time when your personal auto insurance has you covered, and the time when you pick up your ride and your company’s insurance has you covered. Once you log in to your transport company’s app, you fall into the Period 1 time-frame, and until you pick up your passenger, you’re not covered.


If you have an auto accident during the Period 1 gap, your insurance company will deny your accident claim. You’re simply not covered during this time under either policy.


OnGuard Insurance offers ridesharing insurance for Uber and other rideshare drivers to cover the gap and keep you fully protected. If you’ve contacted insurance companies to ask about rideshare insurance, you’ve probably discovered most companies charge a fortune for this type of gap coverage. Thankfully, OnGuard does not.


OnGuard Insurance offers a ‘transportation endorsement’ from Mercury Insurance that will provide the appropriate coverage Uber drivers need for only about $10 a month. That’s right, not at the high rates other insurance companies may have quoted you; and since OnGuard Insurance already offers some of the most affordable rates around, you’ll probably be paying less for personal auto insurance with the Uber endorsement than you were paying before you discovered you needed an Uber endorsement.


It takes just a minute to contact an agent from OnGuard Insurance by calling 888-997-8683 and get a free quote. If you decide you want insurance, it takes only a few more minutes and you’ll be completely covered- for the entire time you’re out on the road, even Period 1.


OnGuard will add an additional 8,000 miles to your current mileage estimation calculation when you add on the ridesharing insurance. A surcharge of approximately 10% will be applied as well. Once you’ve requested a quote, one of the agents from OnGuard Insurance will contact you to go over your quote and underwrite the policy. At that time, please advise them that you drive for a rideshare company and need insurance, and they will add that coverage on for you.


Whether you need rideshare insurance, Uber insurance, Lyft insurance or Sidecar insurance, OnGuard can have you covered to drive for any or all of the ride-hauling companies in only minutes. That means you’ll have peace of mind whenever you’re out on the road.


Visit to learn more about their affordable personal auto insurance with a ridesharing insurance endorsement. You’ll be glad you called the company that is able to protect you when you need it most. If you prefer to speak with an agent in person, please call 888-997-8683.

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Ridesharing Insurance Ridesharing Insurance Ridesharing Insurance