Non Owners SR22 Insurance – What it is and how to save on it!

Non Owners SR22 Insurance – What it is and how to save on it!

What is Non Owners SR22 Insurance?

A Non Owner’s SR22 Insurance policy is basically a Non Owner’s auto insurance policy with an SR22 filing endorsed.  These policies are for those that need or want to be insured but don’t own a car or have a vehicle that they drive regularly.  In these situations, there are non owners policies to accommodate those drivers that want to be covered for a vehicle they may occasionally drive.

What cars would I be covered to drive?

These policies are designed for those that do not own a car and do not have a car that they drive on a regular basis and will provide coverage for vehicles driven occasionally.  These types of policies will not cover vehicles available to you for regular use, vehicles registered in your name, vehicles registered to any other house hold member, or vehicles that you drive regularly.  If there is a vehicle that you drive regularly, then this type of policy is not the way you want to go because, contrary to popular belief, it’s not much of a cost difference to insure a vehicle for liability insurance and attach an SR22 filing than it is to get a non owner’s insurance policy and attach an SR22 filing.

What’s the price difference between a Non-Owner’s SR22 policy and a conventional SR22 insurance policy?

There really isn’t much of a price difference between the two policies.  The main difference is that with a non owner SR-22 Insurance policy, we’re able to rate you with a lower annual mileage factor since there is not a regular vehicle that you’re driving, other than that, the cost of a these policies are usually the same.

How to Save on Non Owners SR22 Insurance

Using an agency is usually a really good way to save on non owner SR22 insurance.  Agencies typically work with multiple different carriers in the non standard market which is the market in which those requiring an SR22 usually fall in.  OnGuard Insurance is a California based agency who specialized in SR22’s and is an authorized producer of many top rated auto insurance companies who offer SR22s.  With the ability to write for multiple different carriers, we can save you time and money.

For more information on Non Owner SR22 Insurance or for a free Non Owner SR22 Insurance Quote, please visit or call (888) 99-QUOTE.  We also offer regular SR22 Car Insurance quotes online as well.

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