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Non Owners Insurance

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What is Non Owners Insurance?

A Non Owners Insurance policy provides liability coverage for drivers without a car for any car they drive.  It will not provide coverage on any cars registered to the policy holder, any cars in the policy holder’s household, any vehicles used regularly or owned by an employer/company.  A non owners insurance policy basically allows you to have liability coverage for any car you drive with a few exceptions.

How Much is Non Owners Insurance?

Non Owners Insurance is rated much like a conventional auto insurance policy.  Depending on your state, rates are based on such factors as your age, zip code, driving experience, driving history, and credit.  Typically, a non owners insurance policy will cost you about half as much as an auto policy.

Who Needs a Non Owners Insurance Policy?

Anyone who needs to be insured and doesn’t own a vehicle or doesn’t drive any single vehicle regularly should consider a non owners insurance policy.  Often, a non owners insurance policy is purchased by drivers required to have insurance but don’t have a vehicle to insure.  Usually this is due to a driver needing to get their license reinstated after a DUI and one of the requirements is to have insurance.  In these situations, a non owners SR22 insurance policy will suffice.

Can I Get Non Owners Insurance to Cover a Rental?

Yes, if you need insurance coverage to rent a car you can definitely get a non owners insurance policy.  Be careful though, make sure to explain your intended use to the insurance agent as not all non owners policies will provide coverage for a rental car, most actually exclude that use.  Check with the rent-a-car company to see how much coverage would cost with them first, then compare the overall cost compared with a non owners policy.  Remember that a non owners policy is usually issued for 6 or 12 months and you’ll probably have to pay a cancellation fee if you don’t keep it for the entire term.

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