Main Rating Factors for California Car Insurance

Main Rating Factors for California Car Insurance

Main rating factors for California Car Insurance

California car insurance has many rating factors but here are some of the main ones to keep in mind when you’re shopping around.

1. Your zip code – Different areas pose different risks for car insurance companies so where you live does affect your rates.

2. D.O.B/Age – When you enter your date of birth it is used to determine your age which has a bearing on your auto insurance rates.  A 16 year old is more likely to be involved in a claim than a 40 year old, so insurance companies will rate based on the risk.  Typically, mid to late 30’s is considered the safest driving age.

3.  Years licensed – The more experience you have driving the safer you probably drive.

4.   Driving History/Violations – Drivers who have been ticketed in the past or have been involved in an at fault accident are also more likely to have a claim.

5.  Married? Auto insurance in California is typically cheaper for married persons.  Married people have shown to be less of a risk for having a claim. Maybe because when you’re married you’re not out at the bar?

6.  Type of Vehicle – The type of vehicle you’re driving affects your rates when you’re purchasing coverage for the vehicle itself (comp/coll).  When purchasing only liability car insurance, the type of vehicle typically has no affect on the rate since the vehicle itself is not being covered.

7.  Coverages – There are different coverages available and also different limits of coverages.  More coverage and higher limits are always better but always more money so find the coverage and limits that fit you best.

8. Discounts – Most auto insurance companies offer discounts for various things such as bundling your auto and home insurance.  Ask for the discounts available and see if you qualify for any of them.

9. Other rating factors vary from company to company, check with your car insurance carrier for their exact rating factors.


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