High Risk Auto Insurance – What It Is and How to Find Cheap High Risk Insurance

High Risk Auto Insurance – What It Is and How to Find Cheap High Risk Insurance

Getting high risk insurance quotes can prove to be more difficult for those with a less than perfect driving record.  Many insurance companies prefer not to accept these drivers but there are some that offer competitive rates even if you’ve had some bad luck with the traffic laws.


First of all, what is high risk auto insurance?  High risk auto insurance is referred to as the “Non Standard Market” in the insurance world.  It’s basically a person who has two or more points on their driving record over the past three years.  Points are counted as one for a minor violations such as speeding or stop sign and two points for major violations such as DUI or racing.  An accident is counted as one point if it was at fault with no injuries, two points if it was at fault with injuries and if an accident is not your fault then it doesn’t carry any points.


If you happen to have two or more points on your driving record then finding a company could become challenging.  Many of the insurance companies prefer not to insure a high risk driver for the obvious reason that it’s simply a higher risk for them.  However, given the high demand for this market, there are many insurance companies that specialize in high risk auto insurance only.  Many of these insurance companies work through auto insurance agencies to cut costs in order to provide affordable rates for high risk drivers.  An insurance agency basically enters your information in their rater and instantly gets the rates of multiple companies displayed in order of price.  Once you’ve agreed to the price the agent can write that policy for you and get you set up.  Many agencies now offer online auto insurance quotes that displays multiple rates at once.

The easiest way to find low cost High Risk Auto Insurance is to simply shop around.  With the Internet, shopping for Car Insurance has never been easier.  Most reputable companies these days offer instant online auto insurance quotes and to see if they will take a high risk driver simply enter your violations and their website will let you know.  It is recommended to shop at least  three to five companies before making a choice.  Try to check with at least one insurance agency as you’re most likely to find the lowest quotes there.  Lastly, before you choose, read their reviews.  Make sure the agency you’re working with has a good history of service and you’ll be happy to have an agent by your side.

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