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How Much is SR22 Insurance?

Since SR22 insurance is just a filing attached to your auto insurance, the cost of an SR22 policy is the same as the cost of an auto insurance policy plus about a $20, one time filing fee.  Other than the fee to file an SR22, no other additional costs are associated with having an SR22.  However, the reason you need an SR22, such as a DUI, will affect your rates.  To see exactly how much is SR22 insurance for you; get your quick SR22 quote online now!

What Is SR22 Insurance?

SR22 Insurance isn’t actually a type of insurance, it’s simply auto insurance with an SR22 Filing Attached.

What Is an SR22 Filing?

SR22 Filing is an endorsement on an auto insurance policy.  It’s a form that is filed with the DMV by your insurance company that let’s them know that you are carrying the state required liability insurance.

Why is an SR22 Form required?

An SR22 Form is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles in order for a particular individual to be allowed driving privileges.  The DMV will require an SR22 for individuals that pose a high risk to motorists.  In most cases, an SR22 is required for an individual that has been convicted of driving under the influence or if someone gets into an accident while not insured.  It’s mainly a way for the DMV to insure that a high risk drivers carries auto insurance to protect the general public.

How long is an SR22 required for & How do I know if I need one?

An SR22 endorsement on your policy is usually required for a term of 3 years, after which the SR22 Filing will no longer be required and the endorsement can be removed from your policy.  If you’re unsure if you need, or still need an SR22, you can check with your states department of motor vehicles.  A print out of your driving record from them will show if you need an SR22.  If you’re getting an SR22 with us, we’ll make sure you need an SR22 before filing it.

What happens if my SR22 insurance is cancelled?

While you’re in the 3 year period where an SR22 is required, if your policy that has the SR22 filing is cancelled for any reason, the DMV will again revoke your driving privileges. In this event, you must obtain an SR22 policy again and also reinstate your license with the DMV including paying the DMV reinstatement fee which is usually around $55. If you have a lapse in your policy due to a late payment, your SR22 may be cancelled and your driving privileges may be suspended once again.

What companies offer SR22 insurance?

The best way to find SR22 Insurance is to simply type in “SR22 Insurance“, or “SR22 Insurance Quotes” in a search engine that will provide you results of insurance companies offering SR22 Insurance.  It’s recommended to shop around 3 companies to ensure you’re getting a competitive rate.  At OnGuard, We work with many of the companies that offer SR22 Insurance.  We provide instant comparative SR22 insurance quotes online as well as by phone; call (888) 997-8683 & speak with one of our Agents today!

How can I get Cheap SR22 Insurance?

We can help with that! OnGuard Insurance specializes in SR22 auto insurance in. As authorized agents of multiple insurance companies that offer low rates and attractive payment plans on SR22 insurance, we’ll find you the right company at the right price.  Getting SR22 insurance has never been easier; Get a Free SR22 Insurance Quote in Just Seconds Online or by Calling Us at (888) 99-QUOTE!

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