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OnGuard Insurance helps you find cheap car insurance by displaying personalized rates of multiple carriers in just minutes online.  Simply enter some of your basic information including your zip code, date of birth, vehicle information, driving history information, coverages desired & our site will display rates for you from about a dozen of today’s cheapest carriers.  All you have to do is compare, choose & save… save big!  Finding cheap car insurance has never been easier; get your comparative rate quotes today and find cheap car insurance in just 3 minutes!

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With our online comparative rater, it’s easy to find cheap car insurance quotes.  We work with multiple top rated carriers offering some of the cheapest car insurance rates available today without sacrificing coverage or service.  Through the years we have compiled some of the best companies to be insured by for both protection and price and now we bring that to you on an easy platform designed to save you both time and money.  In just about 3 minute’s time, our website will display rates of multiple companies in order of price, lowest to highest.  All the listed rates are personalized based on the information you enter.  With the ability to display multiple rates at once in just 3 minutes; finding cheap car insurance quotes has never been easier.  See how much we can help save you on your car insurance; get your free comparative car insurance quotes today!

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OnGuard Insurance provides a web based program that allows you to rate yourself with multiple carriers instantly online.  That’s right; we’ve provided an online rater to the general public so that everyone can find cheap car insurance online easier than ever.  This ability allows our customers to easily rate with dozens of companies all at once without the headache of calling dozens of places for quotes.  Our online rater allows up to six cars and drivers to be entered for a rate quote.  For risks with a higher amount of vehicles or drivers, please contact us at (888) 997-8683 to speak to a licensed agent.  Take a few minutes to see how OnGuard can help you find cheap car insurance;  get your free cheap car insurance quotes online in just minutes today!