Compare Auto Insurance Quotes – How To Find The Best Deal On Car Insurance

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes – How To Find The Best Deal On Car Insurance

Comparing auto insurance quotes is usually the best way to find a great deal on auto insurance.  There are some things to know that can help you along the way.  Taking these steps will help you in finding the cheapest auto insurance for your particular risk.

  1. Gather your information – Before you start shopping, get all your information together so that the quotes you’re getting are as acurate as possible.  The cheapest company with even one piece of incorrect information may not be the cheapest with the correct information.  The main information you will need is your vehicle vin numbers, your annual mileage driven, your driving history/record, years licensed, coverages desired, along with some other minor details.  The most common causes for change in price from the time you quote to the time you buy are changes in driving history and vehicle type changes due to vin number not being entered at the time of the quote.  Try to have your VIN number when shopping around for quotes and if you’re unsure of your driving record, most DMVs will allow you to run your driving record on their site for a small fee.  Having this information could help you in finding the lowest rates available for you on auto insurance.
  2. Shop three to five companies – Once you have all your info together, try to at least shop three companies.  Ever auto insurance company has their own ways of calculating rates based on their loss history.  What may be the cheapest for me, may not be the cheapest for you so don’t listen to all the low cost auto insurance ads, just shop a few to see who’s offering competitive rates for your particular situation.  Remember to shop apples to apples, most insurance company websites have a default coverage selection, don’t forget change the coverages so all your quotes match.
  3. Use the internet – Most reputable insurance companies offer online car insurance quotes these days.  The internet is the fastest and easiest way to shop for insurance.
  4. Check with a local agent – Insurance agencies often times work with insurance companies that don’t sell directly to the public and don’t spend money advertising.  These companies are often times very competive and are only available through an auto insurance agency to be sure to include one in your search.  An insurance agent can also quote multiple companies at once and offer the cheapest one.
  5. Use a lead generation company – There are some websites that collect your information and then sell it to auto insurance providers who use it to provide you a quote.  Using one of these will generate multiple quotes but you may want to enter a wrong phone number if you don’t want a bunch of calls.

Once you’ve collected your quotes it’s just a matter of math.  Don’t forget to calculate some value in your quotes, sometimes a more reputable company is just a little bit more but well worth it.  OnGuard Insurance is a reputable CA Insurance Agency offering Cheap Car Insurance as well as instant online Car Insurance Quotes.

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