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OnGuard Insurance offers Cheap rideshare insurance for drivers of TNC companies such as Uber & Lyft.  Get the right coverage at a great low rate & be covered in all periods of your employment as well as for all your personal use.  Get your cheap quote online now or call (888) 997-8683 to speak with an agent today!

As a rideshare driver, most insurance companies won’t cover you while you’re roaming waiting to pick up your next ride.  Your ridesharing insurance company will not provide coverage during this time; neither will a regular auto insurance policy.  What you need is a policy that offers an endorsement to provide coverage for rideshare drivers.

OnGuard Insurance is an authorized producer for multiple insurance companies in multiple states that offers a “transportation endorsement” that will provide coverage for rideshare drivers for only about $10/mo.  Being one of the most affordable companies already, you’ll probably end up paying less than you were before you needed rideshare insurance.

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Let OnGuard Insurance help you get covered while saving you time & money… get your free Cheap ridesharing insurance quote in just a couple of minutes online or call 888-997-8683 to speak to a licensed agent!

Rideshare Insurance

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Why Purchase Rideshare Insurance?

Transportation Network Companies (TNC) like Uber and Lyft are experiencing explosive growth as consumers embrace this convenient form of transportation in record numbers.  The market is much bigger than you might think, as an estimated 500,000 TNC drivers are currently involved in ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.).  Many of these drivers are unknowingly exposed to potential gaps in coverage.

In fact, Mercury in California alone averages about one ridesharing insurance claim per day, and many of these claims are being denied because the personal auto insurance policy only provides coverage when the TNC driver’s ride-hailing app is off. This means that many of you driving for these companies probably aren’t covered under your personal policies. Mercury’s ride-sharing coverage will close that gap and provide a solution by extending coverage during Period 1 of the drive cycle (see illustration).

Don’t ride-hailing companies have policies that cover their drivers?

In most cases, a company’s full commercial coverage doesn’t come into play until a ride has been accepted. During the time when a driver has logged into the company app, but not yet accepted a ride [Period 1], limited coverage may apply.

What about the driver’s personal auto policy? 

Personal auto policies aren’t designed to extend coverage when transporting passengers for hire. In fact, most personal policies exclude this type of exposure, and many are extending this exclusion to include the time the ride-hailing app is on, but no fare has been accepted [Period 1].

When does the rideshare insurance coverage come into play?

This coverage extends drivers’ personal auto policies through Period 1 of the ride cycle, allowing drivers to obtain coverage not provided by their ridesharing companies.   Your TNC’s insurance company provides coverage from when a ride is accepted on the app, to when the passenger is dropped off.  Our policy provides coverage while roaming looking for a passenger and of course for all other personal use.

What is the cost of this coverage, and how do I add it?

The rideshare coverage is cheap, on average, the ridesharing endorsement is about $10/mo. to add.  Depending on the state, different companies use various rating factors for this endorsement.  One company may add an additional 8,000 miles & add a surcharge of approximately 10% while another company in a different state may add a surcharge and require a device to be installed in your vehicle.  The additional costs vary from company to company but on average you should expect to pay about 15% above what you would pay on a regular personal use policy which is much cheaper than if insurance companies only allowed these vehicles on commercial policies.  Once you’ve requested a quote, one of our agents will contact you to go over your quote and underwrite the policy, please advise us that you drive for a ridesharing company and we’ll add that coverage on for you.

How do I get a rideshare insurance?

Whether you need Uber insurance, Lyft insurance, Sidecar insurance or any other TNC insurance, OnGuard can have you covered to drive for any or all of the ride-hauling companies in just minutes.  We currently offer cheap rideshare insurance in California, Texas, ArizonaIllinois, Nevada, Oklahoma and are looking into expanding into other states as well.  Get your Cheap Rideshare Insurance Quote online or call 888-997-8683 to speak to a licensed agent today!  We look forward to speaking with you and getting you the right coverage at an affordable price!