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OnGuard Insurance offers affordable car insurance rates for most drivers and cars. As a leading car insurance agency, OnGuard has access to multiple companies and we have the ability to quote them all at once to help save you both time and money. Simply answer a few basic questions on our online car insurance rater and we’ll instantly display the rates of multiple “A” rated insurance companies in order of lowest price. That’s right; you’ll get your personalized rate quotes in a matter of minutes. Simply compare, choose & save… Save Big!

Car Insurance Quotes

To get your car insurance quotes we simply collect some information that pertains to your particular risk. Once that information is entered into our rater, our site will collect the rates of about a dozen insurance carriers and will display your personalized quotes in a list that includes the 6 month rate alongside the insurance company name that is offering that rate. Quotes are displayed in order of lowest six month premium. You can enter just one driver & automobile or up to six drivers and cars. Our online rater is also consistently updated with current rating factors to ensure that the car insurance quotes that you’re getting are as accurate as possible. Insuring your car for the cheapest possible rate has never been easier; get your free quote in just minutes today!

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The unique ability to quote multiple companies at once allows us to help you save both time and money. We all know that choice and competition are 2 of the most powerful money saving tools and OnGuard brings that to you in a fast and easy way. The internet allows us to use the power of technology to cut some of the leg work out for you. You could spend all day entering your information repeatedly over dozens of websites or you could simply use our website to enter your info just once and get multiple car insurance quotes displayed instantly.  Finding cheap car insurance has never been easier with our online platform. Take 3 minutes to see how much OnGuard Insurance can save you on your car insurance; get your free quote today!