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Affordable Car Insurance With a Suspended License

OnGuard Insurance is a National Insurance Agency that specialized in the non-standard market offering competitive car insurance for drivers with a suspended license.  We work with a network of insurance companies offering affordable auto insurance with a suspended license regardless of why your license got suspended.  So weather you need SR22 Insurance to get your license reinstated or you just need to have insurance while you ride out your suspended license term, we can help!  Let OnGuard find you the best rate on car insurance with a suspended license, get your instant comparative quotes online now or call (888) 997-8683 Today!

SR22 Insurance for Drivers with a Suspended License

In most cases where a driver’s license is suspended, an SR22 Filing will be sufficient to get your drivers license reinstated following the mandatory suspension term.  An SR22 is simply a filing the insurance company does with your states DMV letting them know you are insured.  The insurance company is then required to let the DMV know if that policy is cancelled for any reason.  It’s basically the DMV requiring you to have insurance in order to be given driving privileges and this is their way of keeping you in check so to say.  SR22’s are required usually in the event of a DUI or when an individual is involved in an accident without having insurance.  Most states will require you to keep an SR22 on file for a period of 3 years, suspending your license anytime the SR22 policy is cancelled or even if there are a few days of lapse in coverage.  If an SR22 is what you need to get your license reinstated, get a quick quote online or call (888) 997-8683 to speak with a licensed agent.

Suspended License Insurance

In some cases, an SR22 won’t help and drivers simply need insurance on a suspended license.  These suspensions that are not eligible for reinstatement can be for many different reasons such as unpaid tickets, child support, failure to appear in court, too many tickets & for various other reasons.  Remember, driving is considered a privilege and not a right so many times your driving privileges will be revoked as a form of punishment or to encourage a driver to get back on track.  Regardless of the reason why your license was suspended, or if you are getting your license reinstated with or without an SR22, we can get you the right coverage at a great low price.  Let us help you get back on track, call to speak with a licensed agent today or get a quick quote on suspended license insurance online now!