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Benefits of using an Insurance Agency in California

Save Time and Money by using an insurance agency in California!
On average a consumer will shop approximately 3 different auto insurance quotes in California before making a decision on which insurance company to purchase from. With thousands of insurance companies offering auto insurance in California, this may not be enough to ensure that you’re getting a competitive rate on your car insurance. A CA car insurance agency usually works with multiple different car insurance companies. When you request a quote from an insurance agency like OnGuard Insurance, we enter your information in our California Auto Insurance Rater and instantly get the rates of all the insurance companies we work with displayed from lowest to highest in premium.  The ability to produce for many different carriers allows us to be competitive on car insurance for almost every situation. So if you were going to get car insurance rates from 3 different companies, consider getting one of those quotes on your car insurance from an insurance agent, that way you’ll know the lowest rate offered from dozens of insurance companies.  When you request your car insurance quote from us online, we’ll display the rates of all the auto insurance companies we work with right online in just about 3 minutes!  To get a California car insurance quote from a reputable auto insurance agency in CA, try OnGuard Insurance and see how much we can save you.  Get your free auto insurance quote instantly displayed online now or call us toll free at (888) 99-QUOTE!

Get Competitive Rates for all risks when you use an insurance agency!    

Another benefit of using an insurance agency in California is that you’ll always get competitive low rates regardless of your situation, driving history, age, vehicle or any other rate determining factor.  A car insurance agent is able to be competitive in almost all situations because we have multiple companies available to us to rate & write your risk.  One entry of your basic information in our California Auto Insurance Rater will instantly display your car insurance comparison list.  We’ve selected only the better California insurance companies to work with and we’ve made sure to select multiple companies that offer low rates for a wide array of risks.  So weather you have a perfect record, tickets, accidents, or worse, we have a company that will offer you great rates!  We can get competitive California auto insurance rates for any car, any driver.  To get your free quote in CA, please visit our instant online California Auto Insurance Rater or call us toll free at (888) 99-QUOTE!

Receive Great Service when you have an insurance agent!
When an auto insurance broker writes your auto insurance policy, as your insurance agent we also provide the service on your policy.  You can also still get service directly from the company if you choose to with most California insurance companies so you get the best of both worlds. Some insurance agencies will charge you a fee to make changes on your policy. You may want to ask the insurance agency you’re talking to if they charge endorsement fees, OnGuard Insurance doesn’t charge any endorsement fees.  We take great pride in our old fashion approach to quality customer service without fees.  Having a licensed insurance agent always there for you has great benefits when it comes to service.  We can let you know how a change you’re requesting will affect your insurance rates before we process the change so you don’t get stuck with an unexpected bill. Also, when you are in need of making a change we can quickly check to see if that change results in another insurance company being a better fit for your new situation. We’ll give you options and let you choose.  Having an insurance agent or an insurance agency providing service on your auto insurance policy has great benefits.

Rest assured that your rates are always competitive.
Once you’ve chosen to go with a car insurance broker, you can rest assured that your rates will always remain competitive.  Once we have your information in our system all we have to do to see current insurance rates for all the companies we work with is click a button. Every time you make a change on your policy through your insurance agent, we’ll check the rates of all our auto insurance companies to ensure that you’re still getting a great deal on your car insurance. If you come up for renewal and want to see if any of our auto insurance companies have better rates for you, just simply give us a quick call and we’ll check in seconds.  If a ticket drops off and you want us to re-rate your car insurance or for any reason at any time, current rates are just a click away. You’ll never have to shop around again for auto insurance when you purchase your policy from a reputable auto insurance agency like OnGuard Insurance.  Ready to get your free car insurance quotes displayed online, click here or simply call us toll free at (888) 99-QUOTE!

Claims help
OnGuard Insurance represents you, our client, and not the insurance company.  The insurance companies compensate us for placing your business with them mostly because they save the advertising cost of finding you and most of the costs associated with servicing your policy but we do not work for, or represent them. We work for and represent you so we always have your back. A quality insurance agency like OnGuard will always be by your side when you need us most.  Once you file a claim you should expect prompt and fair claims service, after all, that’s the reason you pay for insurance in the first place. We’re here to help ensure that.

What’s the difference between an Insurance Agent and an Insurance Broker?

An Insurance Broker represents the client and may charge fees for services.  An Insurance Agent represents the insurance company and may not charge a fee for services.  Insurance Brokers work with many different insurance companies and are authorized to produce insurance policies for the companies the insurance broker is appointed with.  An auto insurance agent is similar to an insurance broker but often times an insurance agent represents its own company and has only one company to offer you.  OnGuard Insurance is an Insurance Brokerage that represents you, the client, and does not charge endorsement fees or fees to make changes on your policy.