A little bit about OnGuard Insurance Services

A little bit about OnGuard Insurance Services

About us


OnGuard Insurance Services, LLC is a leading auto insurance agency with multiple locations in Los California including our national sales/service center.   As authorized producers of multiple top rated California insurance carriers, we have the ability to place your car insurance with the right company for the right price!

Over the years we have hand selected only the better CA auto insurance companies to work with.  We have a high level of expectation for our clients so we only work with California admitted insurance companies that offer the best auto insurance rates, the best service, prompt and fair claims handling, and are also amongst the highest in stability, strength and rating.  We also work with insurance companies from the preferred companies, to the non-standard companies to ensure we have a competitive rate for any time of driver; so whether you have a perfect or less than perfect driving record, we work with multiple companies that can offer you a competitive rate.  You can rest assured that the car insurance company we place you with will be competitive and will treat you with the same respect and fairness that OnGuard Insurance will.

Also, each member of our staff is licensed by the department of insurance and has a broad understanding of auto insurance to help answer any questions you may have or to help you decide what coverage is best for you.  Once you purchase a policy from us, your agent will always be there to help you with all the service on your policy at absolutely no cost to you.  Additionally, anytime you make a change on your auto insurance policy we’ll check the prices again of all the insurance companies we work with to ensure that your rate with your current company is still the most competetive.  Once you have a polciy with us, you can rest assured that your rates will always remain competetive.

Our History

OnGuard Insurance was started in 2004 in Los Angeles, CA and has been rapidly growing ever since.  Our competetive rates and old fashion approach to great customer service have been the driving force behind our growth.  Thanks to our loyal customers we’ve become a leading provider of auto insurance in California and are currently working on national expansion.

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