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100/300/50 Auto Insurance!

Looking for 100/300/50 Auto Insurance?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  As authorized agents for multiple preferred & non-standard carriers offering 100 300 insurance, we can place your policy with the right company for the right price no matter your situation.  100/300 insurance, or even higher, is recommended for homeowners or people with assets.  If you’re involved in an accident, you’re basically liable for all the damages caused and if your insurance limits are low, you may be responsible for any losses beyond what your insurance covers.  A claimant can sue an individual and all that person’s assets become at risk.  It simply isn’t worth it since increasing your insurance limits is not very costly.

Another situation that requires 100/300/50 car insurance coverage is when you’re leasing a vehicle.  Since leasing is kind of borrowing a car, the bank can be held liable since it’s the responsibility of the vehicle owner so many leasing companies will require a minimum of 100 300 insurance limits to lease a vehicle to you.  We work with many insurance companies that will give you the minimum limits if that’s what you want and add a lessor endorsement.  A lessor endorsement comes at a lower price and provides the 100/300 insurance limits only to the lessor if they get sued; otherwise the coverage is lower for the policy holder.

100/300/50 Insurance Quotes

At OnGuard Insurance Services, LLC, we offer quick, instant online 100/300/50 auto insurance quotes as well as phone quotes.  Our online rater will instantly display personalized rates from multiple companies offering cheap 100/300 insurance in order of lowest price.  If you prefer to speak to an agent, call us anytime at (888) 99-QUOTE and we’ll be happy to help you with a quote.  Finding affordable, high coverage 100/300 insurance has never been easier, get your quote online now or call us (888) 997-8683 today!